Window Sills

Precast concrete sills are used below windows, ledges and transitions, and can even be used as architectural accents.

We have a range of non-stooled sills available from stock in natural grey. They can also be cast in white or buff colour wet cast concrete, and depending on your requirements we can provide a fair face (smooth) or acid etch (lightly textured) finish if required.

These are available in either 200mm or 250mm wide, in an extensive selection of lengths

We also manufacture Window Sills Stooled in a heavy duty section, 200 wide x 140 – 100mm high as left hand or right hand stooled sections or non-stooled centre sections.

We can of course manufacture bespoke window sills to your exact size. For all our sizes and product drawings, please view our building brochure or call us on 020 8687 2222.